Exhibitors at REV2016

3E Thermal

3E Thermal is a trusted partner for apartment building owners, helping to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. We offer both cash incentives and technical support for installing energy efficiency upgrades in qualified Vermont apartment buildings.
We work with all owners – nonprofit, for-profit, and municipal – across Vermont.

AFS Energy Systems

AFS Energy Systems is a proven leader in engineering, manufacturing and installation of renewable biomass thermal energy systems for over 20 years. Based near Harrisburg, PA, AFS provides complete turn-key Design/Build alternative energy solutions with unparalleled
experience, quality and service. An extensive list of satisfied clients have saved substantially on their energy costs while also reducing their fossil fuel use and carbon emissions.

Building Energy

We are a comprehensive energy services company with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings using a “Whole Systems Approach” to building performance incorporating conservation, efficiency and renewable energy. We specialize in energy audits,
weatherization, insulation, and turn-key solar and heat pump installations.

Froling Energy

Froling Energy specializes in retrofit and new installations of biomass boiler systems in schools, campuses, municipal, commercial and industrial buildings. We also provide biomass ongoing boiler maintenance and repair services. Our skilled, experienced labor force is committed to customer satisfaction. We are now producing and delivering Precision Dry
Wood Chips (PDCs). This clean burning new biomass fuel has many advantages for medium to large fuel users, including a simpler delivery method and 30% savings over pellets. Initial infrastructure costs are also much less, compared to green wood chip systems. The cornerstone of Froling Energy’s business is to providing customers with top quality boiler systems that will perform for decades, save money and create a positive environmental impact. We say “HEAT LOCAL” because biomass keeps nearly all of your heating fuel
dollars in the local economy. Contact us to discuss the feasibility of using biomass at
your facility.

Grassroots Solar

Grassroots Solar designs and installs Solar Photovaltaic systems and battery storage solutions for grid-tied and off-grid homes and businesses. As authorized dealers for SunPower and sonnenBatterie, they use the most advanced equipment in the industry. For 30 years, SunPower has led the way with recordsetting technologies and innovative solar solutions
and is the “blue chip” of solar panels. As the exclusive sonnenBatterie partner in Vermont, Grassroots Solar is offering their technologically advanced all-in-one lithium ion battery, which is compatible with all renewable energy systems. They are available now and can work in backup mode or self-consumption mode, making you or your clients self-sufficient. For the energy  professionals out there, we offer support, training and installation assistance.

Green Mountain Community Solar

Can’t have panels at your house, apartment or business? We have a solution for those who want to take advantage of solar despite site conditions or other impediments – shading, maintenance, roof penetration, resale or aesthetics. Your panels are connected to the
grid at one of our farms where we maintain your and other customers’ panels for 30 years.

Green Mountain Geothermal

Green Mountain Geothermal is a geothermal consulting and contracting firm established to provide information and assistance to homeowners, architects, and businesses about the benefits and cost savings of utilizing geothermal heating and cooling systems in Vermont. The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) has certified Green Mountain Geothermal personnel as geothermal installers. We are members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the Vermont Ground Water Association. We utilize the services of many well drillers and HVAC contractors in completing our projects. We also utilize Water Energy Distributors, Inc. (northeastgeo.com) for information on ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump systems.

Maclay Architects

Maclay Architects specializes in net-zero energy design. The firm, and founding principal Bill Maclay, are the authors of The New Net Zero published by Chelsea Green. Located in Waitsfield, VT, the firm is recognized as a leader in innovative, ecological planning and
architectural design since 1971.


Communities are growing and evolving, and with that, our transportation needs are evolving. Now more than ever, we need smart solutions that provide safer, more reliable and cleaner transit. Every day, Proterra works to meet those needs, with the world’s best performing zeroemission buses. Our revolutionary battery-electric buses help fleet operators abandoned fossil fuels, improve environmental quality and reduce operating costs. Proterra vehicles have proven themselves over 2.6 million miles of service in communities across North America operating at a lower cost than any 35 or 40-foot diesel, diesel hybrid or CNG transit vehicle. Our vehicles saved over 500,000 gallons of fossil fuel from use, prevented over 10 million tons of harmful CO2 from entering the atmosphere while operational are anticipated to be a minimum of $400,000 over a twelve (12) years. Proterra is taking transit on a new route. Come join us.

Renewable Energy Resource Center

The Renewable Energy Resource Center administers the VT Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program, which has provided financial incentives totaling $16 million to over 3,500 Vermont homeowners and businesses for renewable equipment purchases.

River Valley Fencing

River Valley Fencing has extensive experience installing Solar Field Fences throughout the Northeast US. These fences protect solar panels from farm animals and wildlife, are preferred because they create a smaller shadow in a solar field, and can be installed for about half the cost of other solar field fences.

Rutland Redevelopment Authority / City of Rutland

Rutland City, dubbed the “Energy City of the Future” by Green Mountain Power, is now the Solar Capital of New England. Rutland has developed an innovative business incentive program including grants, loans,free workspace, workforce training, even relocation
assistance, to encourage growing companies to locate or expand here. The City’s goal is to capitalize on collaboration with GMP and its Energy Innovation Center to become a regional technology hub by assisting innovative companies working in the fields of renewable
energy and environmental technology to grow and succeed.

Starwind Turbines

Star Wind Turbines is a manufacturer of small wind turbines from 5kW to 45kW and can power 1-20 homes. These turbines are typically for homes, farms, and community applications. They are affordable and support the Vermont Standard Offer and Net Metering programs. Star Wind Turbines also makes hydraulic lifting towers from 60-101 ft. so you never have to climb the tower. These turbines a made in Vermont and the facility is located in East Dorset , Vermont.

Sunwood Biomass

SunWood Biomass, Vermont company, specializing in wood pellet, wood chip and cord heating systems for institutional, commercial and residential applications. With 220+ projects since 2004, SunWood designs an installs the highest efficiency systems available. SunWood Biomass is known for working and overcoming challenging sites and installations. SunWood also offers financing, comprehensive feasibility and design services to determine a project’s
goals and viability.

Tarm Biomass

Tarm Biomass® is a third-generation, family owned business that has pioneered the sales and service of European residential central heating equipment to North America for over 30 years. Tarm Biomass imports, distributes, and supports HS-Tarm and Fröling wood boilers, wood pellet boilers, and wood chip boilers.

Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply

Founded in 1985, Vermont Energy is a mechanical contractor that provides design, installation, and service of quality mechanical systems for homes and businesses in northwest Vermont.

Vermont Environmental Research Associates (VERA)

Vermont Environmental Research Associates (VERA) is a small wind and solar power consultancy that has been serving the needs of electric utilities, government agencies, land owners and renewable power developers for over 35 years. VERA blends business and project management skills together with technical and analytical capabilities to provide a full spectrum of renewable power development skills to meet clients’ needs effectively and efficiently.

Vermont Law School

The top-ranked environmental law school in the nation. Offering traditional and accelerated (2-year) JD degrees and 1-year graduate degrees in Energy Regulation & Law and Environmental Law & Policy.

Vermont Natural Resources Council / VECAN

The Vermont Natural Resources Council works from the grassroots to the Legislature to build broad support for policies, programs and practices that protect Vermont’s environment and grow a strong, efficient, renewable energy economy. VNRC also coordinates the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network. VECAN is a network of organizations and over 100 volunteer community energy and climate action committees who are successfully demonstrating the power of citizen driven, solutions-oriented responses to Vermont’s energy
challenges and climate change.

Vermont Passive House

Passive House Vermont is a small, newly-created nonprofit organization (formerly the Passive House Alliance of Vermont). Our purpose is to explain and promote the Passive House Building Standard,  and to foster an environment for the adoption of the that standard in the building industry in Vermont, the US, and abroad. We also work to educate the public, including our public servants, about best practices in sustainability, high performance building, and other current and innovative aspects of building science.

Vermont Public Research Interest Group (VPIRG)

Energy Independent Vermont is a growing coalition of environmental organizations, Vermont businesses and business associations, academic leaders, low-income advocates and Town Energy Committees all dedicated to a simple goal: address the problem of climate change by
putting a price on pollution here in Vermont.

Vermont Technical College

Vermont Technical College is a public technical college with two main campuses located in Randolph Center and Williston, Vermont. The college also has nursing campuses in other locations throughout the state.


VHB’s passionate team of engineers, scientists, planners, and designers provides consulting services to clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as to federal, state and local governments. VHB partners with clients from 23 offices along the east coast to improve mobility and enhance communities while balancing development
and infrastructure needs with stewardship of our environment.

Vermont State Employees Credit Union

VSECU, a credit union for everybody in Vermont, provides affordable financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable purchases.