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3E Thermal

3E Thermal is a technical consulting service offering energy efficiency and building performance improvements for apartments and light-commercial buildings throughout Vermont. Owners of affordable apartment buildings are eligible for cash incentives and full technical support at no cost. We coordinate closely with Weatherization, Efficiency Vermont and renewable energy programs, acting as primary contact point for owners, developers, architects, and contractors. 

Building Energy

We are a comprehensive energy services company with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings using a “Whole Systems Approach” to building performance incorporating conservation, efficiency and renewable energy. We specialize in energy audits, weatherization, insulation, and turn-key solar and heat pump installations.

Burlington Electric Department

Burlington Electric Department (BED), Vermont’s largest municipal utility, serves more than 21,000 customers in Burlington. BED has a strong track record on energy efficiency, and Burlington as a whole uses approximately 6 percent less electricity today than in 1989. In 2014, Burlington became the first city in the nation to source 100 percent of its electricity from renewable generation. Following that accomplishment, BED and the City of Burlington have established the goal of becoming a Net Zero Energy city across electric, thermal, and ground transportation sectors by 2030.

Center for Sustainable Energy

With one simple mission – Decarbonize, the Center for Sustainable Energy’s (CSE) vision is a future with sustainable, equitable and resilient transportation, buildings and communities. CSE® is a nonprofit organization offering clean energy program administration and technical advisory services. For more than 20 years, CSE has worked nationwide with energy policymakers, regulators, public agencies, businesses and others as an expert implementation partner and trusted resource.

CSE offers the following services:

  • Program design, implementation and evaluation

  • Advisory services and energy planning

  • Marketing, education and outreach

  • Research-driven policy analysis

  • Scaled incentive management platform

  • Transparent and secure data management

From tackling issues of national importance to smaller scale region-specific solutions, CSE is a reliable and objective partner. Clients across the nation appreciate the mission-focused approach and trust CSE to provide the insight and operational expertise necessary to achieve sustainable energy goals.

Froling Energy

Froling Energy is a mechanical contractor focused on the installation of biomass boiler systems in school buildings and campuses as well as in industrial, commercial and municipal buildings. The cornerstone of Froling Energy’s business is providing customers with top quality, reliable boiler systems that save money and have a positive environmental impact. Our in-house technicians provide our customers with expert biomass boiler installations, system integration and ongoing maintenance.

Five years ago, Froling Energy introduced a new wood fuel to the New England market:  PDCs are screened wood chips with 25% moisture content that are delivered into vertical silos by a blower truck. PDCs have a 35% cost advantage over wood pellets and burn with very low emissions. Compared to green wood chip systems, PDC boiler systems cost less, have a smaller footprint and require much less supervision.  PDCs are processed at and delivered from our plant in Peterborough, NH. 

Our PDC fuel customers include Applegate Apartments in Bennington, Green Street School in Brattleboro, Bellows Falls Middle School, UNH in Durham, NH and Whelen Engineering in Charlestown, NH. 

Our customers’ boiler installations are offsetting the use of over 1.5 million gallons of fuel oil each year by burning PDCs, wood pellets and wood chips. Our slogan is “HEAT LOCAL” because compared to oil and LP gas, using regionally sourced, sustainably harvested wood fuels keeps many more of your heating fuel dollars circulating in the local economy.  

Contact us to discuss the feasibility of using biomass at your facility.

Green Mountain Electric Supply

For over 60 years, Green Mountain Electric Supply has been providing New England and New York with quality electrical products and solutions with 14 physical locations and our own fleet of delivery trucks.  We are proud to be your one stop shop for PV solar modules, inverters, racking, on/off grid battery storage units, and balance of system gear.


Idenergy specializes in advanced power electronics for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and grid-edge applications. Idenergy is currently developing and is about to market smart inverters and battery chargers for both residential and voltage regulation uses. Such technology will be key to the development and increased uptake of DERs, in the wake of increased PV and EV market penetration, and as electrical utilities have trouble to keep their aging and costly grids up-to-date and start mandating compliance with ever stricter standards to ensure they can keep them operating within normal parameters. Idenergy’s inverter system is California Rule 21 and UL1741SA-compliant as well as category III/B-compliant as per IEEE1547. As such, this technology is bound to become the key to further DER integration into the fabric of our electricity distribution network. The platform is highly flexible and allows for precise signal control, communication as well as very lightweight, easy-to-install units.

Renewable Energy Resource Center

The Renewable Energy Resource Center administers the VT Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program, which has provided financial incentives totaling $16 million to over 3,500 Vermont homeowners and businesses for renewable equipment purchases. These incentives are provided by the Clean Energy Development Fund.

Star Wind Turbines, LLC

Star Wind Turbines is a manufacturer of small wind turbines from 5kW to 45kW powering 1-20 homes.  These turbines are idea for homes, farms, and community micro-grid applications.  They support the Vermont Standard Offer and Net Metering programs, and are designed for low sound, and to be affordable.  Star Wind Turbines also makes hydraulic lifting towers from 60-100 ft. so you never need a crane or have to climb for service.  These turbines are made in East Dorset, Vermont.

SunWood Biomass

SunWood Biomass, Vermont company, specializing in wood pellet, wood chip and cord heating systems for institutional, commercial and residential applications. With 250+ projects since 2004, SunWood designs an installs the highest efficiency systems available. SunWood Biomass is known for working and overcoming challenging sites and installations. SunWood also offers financing, comprehensive feasibility and design services to determine a project’s goals and viability.

Tarm Biomass

Tarm Biomass imports and distributes Fröling wood boilers, wood pellet boiler, wood chip boilers, and Effecta Smart wood boilers. We also represent several lines of accessory products including valves and controllers from LK Armatur.

At Tarm Biomass, we are wood burners at heart, focusing on selling appliances that burn wood fuels and accessories that support those installations. The equipment lines we sell provide our customers with energy independence, enhance rural economic strength by keeping fuel dollars local and encourage forest stewardship by providing uses for low-grade timber.

We know that what we do is only sustainable if our products burn cleanly and operate efficiently, cost little to operate, and exceed our customer's expectations. Our team encourages a professional installation by trained dealers because we know that quality starts with the equipment and ends with the experience. Call Us Today! Like you, we are Feeling Good About Wood.

Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply

Founded in 1985, Vermont Energy is a mechanical contractor that provides design, installation, and service of quality mechanical systems for homes and businesses in northwest Vermont.

Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School is a consistently top-ranked environmental law school with a leading clean energy law and policy program. VLS offers  traditional and accelerated (2-year) JD degrees and  1-year Masters degrees in Energy Regulation & Law and Environmental Law & Policy.

Vermont Natural Resources Council/VECAN 

The Vermont Natural Resources Council works from the grassroots to the Legislature to build broad support for policies, programs and practices that protect Vermont’s environment and grow a strong, efficient, renewable energy economy. VNRC also coordinates the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network. VECAN is a network of organizations and over 100 volunteer community energy and climate action committees who are helping the state meet its Comprehensive Energy Plan and statutory climate commitments by implementing efficiency, renewable energy and transportation solutions.


VHB’s passionate team of engineers, scientists, planners, and designers provides consulting services to clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as to federal, state and local governments. VHB partners with clients from 30 locations along the east coast to improve mobility and enhance communities while balancing development and infrastructure needs with stewardship of our environment.

WEG Electric Corp

WEG’s battery energy storage solutions (BESS) business is developing grid-scale projects in the U.S. and providing turn-key equipment and services around the world. Energy storage is a critical component for grid modernization and resiliency, and an enabler for radically expanding the use of renewable energy sources. 

The team (acquired in February 2019 from Northern Power Systems) has been designing and building battery systems and other distributed energy resources for over 40 years. Its facilities in Barre, VT (co-located with the WEG wind technology group) provide a nexus for targeted commercial efforts throughout the Northeast.

The fully integrated solutions combine WEG’s inverters, controls, and transformers with best-in-class lithium batteries housed in climate controlled containers with all monitoring and safety systems built in. WEG also provides a warranty wrap and performance guarantee for the complete system. A modular product architecture enables customer specific solutions from a sub-MW to multi-MW size range.