Renewable Energy Vermont Awards

Renewable Energy Vermont annually recognizes energy innovators and advocates through awards at our Conference. We would like the nominations to come from our members, who are on the ground level everyday transforming Vermont's energy generation and usage into a reliable, low-carbon, and sustainable model.

You may nominate individuals or companies for more than one award and may also submit more than one nomination for each award. Nominations should include a brief recommendation describing why you feel this individual, company, or project deserves special recognition. We appreciate your input! Nominate a deserving business or individual by clicking here by September 18th or by emailing


Jim Grundy Award

Jim Grundy, a founder of REV, a renewable designer and businessman, and beloved husband, family and community member, is known for his integrity of spirit, kindness of soul and ingenuity and craftsmanship in renewable energy technologies. The Jim Grundy Award is given to the Vermonter who exhibits these qualities, beyond all others. Jim believed strongly in the importance of maintaining high quality design and installation of all renewable systems, to ensure the long-term, sustainable development of the local renewable energy industry.

Renewable Energy Champion Award

This award recognizes an individual typically in the renewable industry who represents, and tirelessly ‘champions’, the benefits of developing, creating, informing, and striving to improve our state with the deployment of renewable energy generation.

Renewable Energy Legislative Champion

This award is given to an individual in the Vermont Legislature that has worked hard to further renewable energy policy in the state. 

Renewable Energy Innovator Award

The Renewable Energy Innovation Award recognizes a project, company, organization, or individual contributing innovative, influential, and transformative efforts for implementing renewable energy and climate action in Vermont.


2019 Winners

Jim Grundy Award: To Be Announced

Renewable Energy Innovation Award: James Moore

Renewable Energy Champion Award: Martha Staskus

2018 Winners

Jim Grundy Award: Ben Gordesky
DC Energy Innovations

Renewable Energy Innovation Award: Laura Jacoby & Old Spokes Home

Renewable Energy Champion Award: Norm Etkind

2017 Winners

Jim Grundy Award: Dan Kinney, Catamount Solar

Renewable Energy Innovation Award: Way Go Vermont!

Renewable Energy Champion Award: Tom Gray

2016 Winners

Jim Grundy Award: Nik Ponzio, Building Energy

Renewable Energy Legislative Champion: Senator Mark MacDonald

Renewable Energy Champion:  Encore Renewable Energy, Village of Hyde Park, and Stowe Electric Department

Renewable Energy Innovation Award: VELCO

2015 Winners

Renewable Energy Legislative Champion Award: Senator Chris Bray

Renewable Energy Champion Award (typically Industry): Housing Vermont

Jim Grundy Award: Marie Rose Audette

2014 Winners

Renewable Energy Legislative Champion Award: Governor Peter Shumlin

Renewable Energy Champion Award (typically Industry): Ken Nolan & Andrew Savage

Jim Grundy Award: Trevor Parsons 

2013 Winners

Renewable Energy Legislative Champion Award: Sen. David Zuckerman

Renewable Energy Champion Award (typically Industry): John Zimmerman, VERA

Jim Grundy Award: Waterbury LEAP