Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) represents businesses, non-profits, utilities, and individuals committed to eliminating reliance on dirty fossil fuels by increasing efficient renewable electricity, heating/cooling, and transportation. Vermont’s clean energy economy directly enables at least 18,800 jobs at 3,678 businesses, representing approximately 6% of Vermont’s workforce.

Together, we will achieve 100% total renewable energy.


Our mission is two-fold. Our primary mission is to drive and dramatically increase the growth of renewables and efficiency businesses in Vermont through:

  • public education

  • business promotion

  • business networking opportunities

  • offering and increasing training and job/internship opportunities

  • lobbying and shaping energy regulation in Montpelier

  • developing a cohesive renewables business network

By achieving the above, REV will succeed in achieving our second, social mission of:

  • transforming Vermont’s economy with sustainable energy jobs.

  • ensuring a secure, local sustainable energy future for our state that promotes self-reliance and energy and economic security

  • driving environmental and energy policy that will protect the planet now and for generations to follow

A Dynamic Sector

The energy industry is dynamic, quixotic and a key driver of our overall economy. The only thing known for certain is that planning to continue on the path we are on now—with Vermonters sending about $2 billion a year out of state for oil, diesel, gasoline, natural gas, propane and jet fuel—is not sustainable. We are fortunate to live in a state that supports a clean energy future—with a new goal of 90% of all Vermont energy needs coming from renewables by 2050. The questions now are: how exactly is this goal defined into an implementation plan? How exactly do Vermonters transform to a clean energy future that brings sustainable jobs into our state?

Our Vision

REV’s vision is that this challenge is our opportunity. Although you can outsource certain jobs, you can’t outsource the majority of jobs required to transform Vermont’s energy infrastructure. REV’s vision for our energy future is the following:

  • Power: Achieve at least 50% of our power from in-state sources through a mixture of small-scale, net-metered projects, and larger clean energy contract and utility projects. This includes hydro, wind, farm methane, and solar….with new technologies advancing daily.

  • Heating: Partner with efficiency businesses to stop heating the outdoors—and then use biomass, geothermal and solar hot water for the remainder of our heating needs.

  • Smart Grid: Our current electric grid communicates, for the most part, in one direction: from utility to end-user, with the usage communicated once a month to the end user. Developing a two-way, “real-time” energy communication infrastructure in which energy is sent where needed, stored via electric cars, and generated in as many locations as possible, is a key component to transforming to a more efficient and more renewable energy portfolio.

  • Transportation: With a Smart Grid's ability to time when we charge electric vehicles from power generated locally (thereby lessening line loss), and with ongoing advances in electric vehicle development, Vermont can and will move towards an electrified transportation system. Key components also include utilizing bio-diesel and increases in fuel efficiency as a part of an overall transition plan.

Visit our website to learn more about how REV's work is moving us towards a renewable, efficient energy future.